Porcelain to Metal

PFM High-Noble:  Porcelain fused to metal crowns and bridges fabricated for longevity and function.  Constructed with a high-noble alloy.  Wonderful esthetics and unmatched strength and durability.

PFM Noble:  Same as High-Noble except more economical crown and bridges that use Noble metal.

PFM Non-Precious:  Very affordable crown and bridge work.

Full Cast Gold Crowns:  The reliability and durability of full cast gold is none other.  Fast turnaround time.  Used on crowns, bridges, Inlays and Onlays.

Captek:  Metal ceramic restoration providing advantages over PFM.  The vitality of the gold-colored precious metal coping with the baked on porcelains enhances the beauty of the restoration.  Contemporary metal ceramic with the advantage of additional strength required without gross reduction.

Maryland Bridges:  The restoration allows the dentist to replace missing teeth with minimal tooth preparation.  This becomes a fixed restoration at a lower cost.

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